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Born in 1988 and raised in Crown Heights Brooklyn. Hendel’s art is at one with his upbringing in a loving and warm chassidic Jewish family and steeped in the tradition of chassidic mysticism. His early inspiration and namesake was his great uncle, the chassidic artist Hendel Lieberman. Currently, Hendel is exploring in his art the kabbalistic aphorism that ‘ the mind is sovereign over the heart in its essential nature.’ For Hendel, this is a metaphor for work and life: what starts as a flash of excitement and sketched blueprint of an idea can only be fully realized and given life through thoughtful intellectual and technical control and choice of medium.


Hendel usually prefers to work on multiple pieces at one time, learning from each and applying his discoveries as he goes, allowing each piece to inform and enhance the others. Hendel makes both abstract and literal art as well as portraits and other commissioned pieces, but in all pieces he seeks to share himself without a particular audience in mind, but from the inside out and with the hope that anyone who is looking will perceive a touch of his presence and be relieved of suffering and confusion. His art comes from a place of health and compassion; even when he shares pain he seeks to bring to the viewer healing, absolution, empathy and help. There is overall a bias towards his own values: clarity, infinite inner space, breadth of scope, warmth, optimism and generosity. His media are broad and eclectic including sculpture, resin, ink on paper, watercolor and oil paint. His artwork is in many private residences and in several public collections. Hendel earned his BFA at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

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