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“Tzedakah” belongs to the artist’s “word energy” series, drawing upon the concept of prayers ascending on high.


“Tzedakah” draws its inspiration from the “coin of fire,” which the Midrash relates that G-d showed Moses to illustrate the power of giving (Exodus 30:31). The coin’s flame is representative of one’s energy when being charitable. The Hebrew word צדקה (Tzedakah) can be found in the flames.


To magnify the power of the coin’s flame the artist set the scene deep within the ocean, representative of abundance. Through reaching deep inside us, we can attain the true depth of our ability to give and ultimately become the abundance we seek.


    • 100% Hahnemule Daguerre Canvas or German Etching Paper
    • Canvas Size 22"x22"  (image with border)
    • Actual Image Size 20"x20" 
    • Each Print is Signed in Acrylic 
    • Free Shipping Internationally 
    • All Sales Are Final, No Returns or Refunds
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